United Arab Emirates baby girl swallows 26 magnets

A Pakistani couple based in the United Arab Emirates got into great trouble when they found out that their two-year-old son had swallowed one whole, not two, but 26 pieces of magnet. “My older son told me that younger Kashif had swallowed his magnetic balls,” said Shaff, father of younger Abdullah Kashif.
But I didn’t take it too seriously because its condition was fine by then. However, two days later, the child became unwell. She said she had severe stomach ache. He was later taken to a nearby hospital. When doctors took him for X-rays, he was surprised to find that dozens of magnetic balls were trapped in his colon.

In fact, these small balls were interconnected by magnetic attraction, causing the child to suffer. The baby had swallowed these magnetic balls as a toffee, etc. The doctors had to perform the surgery in view of the poor condition of the baby and all the magnetic pieces in the colon were removed. Pediatric oncologist Dr. Muftiq Gajidhar said that usually, when children swallow small pieces of metal, it does not cause much trouble.
Because they pass easily through the colon. Even if a small piece of magnet is swallowed, it does not bother. The troubles arise when more than one magnetic piece is swallowed as they attach to one another because of attraction. The same thing happened to this child. After 90 minutes of surgery, all the magnets were removed from his body. The child has been discharged after two days in hospital.

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