The number of palm trees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached 300 million

The total number of palm trees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached 3 million 43 million, according to a report released recently by Saudi Arabia’s Agricultural Institute for Statistics. According to Al Arabiya Net, the agricultural company said that in the Saudi state, the production of sweet and pure palm in the Saudi state recorded 1 million 43 million tonnes.
The highest number of pure and high quality palm trees. The number is estimated to be close to 74 million. Secondly there are yellow palm trees, their number is 4 million 68 thousand. According to this report the number of trees in the Saudi state is 2.5 million 92 million, of which the number of fruit trees is more than 110 million. ۔

The number of olive trees in the state is estimated to be around 27 million.

During the last Ramadan, relief goods and food were distributed during the month of Ramadan in many other countries, including Pakistan, organized by Shah Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, the ruler of Saudi Arabia. Shah Salman Relief Center 18,250 food packets were distributed by Pakistan. It is to be noted that this time around 6500 tons of date palms have been distributed by Saudi Arabia to different Islamic countries.

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