Saudi youth drunk and enters hotel room

Dubai police have arrested a Saudi youth for drunkenness and committing sexual harassment for women. The 21-year-old was drunk outside a hotel, prosecutors said. When he saw three foreign women entering the hotel. The young man’s intention on these women was bad.
He, too, followed them into the hotel. The three women went to their hotel room, so they also entered behind them. The 23-year-old Swedish woman, one of the victims, said she returned from her supermarket shopping at the supermarket at 10pm. We were just entering the room when an unknown young man entered.

The young man began to show as if this was his room. As the young man entered, he said that he would make a cup of coffee for himself and at the same time asked us where we came from and what he was doing in his room. We are upset over this situation. Suddenly, the 23-year-old in the young room began to move in with a Turkish friend. He forcefully grabbed the girl and tried to kiss her and ordered her to take a shower with him.
However, the three of us got together and kicked the dirty young man out of the room. The young man tried to enter the bell outside the room again, but we did not open the door despite his noise. The incident was reported at the Albersha police station. The juvenile confessed to the investigation that he was intoxicated and sexually assaulted a woman. The trial will be heard on October 22. In which the accused has the potential to be punished.

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