Saudi girl making extremely unique portraits of faces began to be discussed everywhere

Saudi women are ironically demonstrating their abilities and abilities after being banned from their participation in many fields. At the moment, a highly talented Saudi woman, who specializes in making face portraits, has become the talk of art genius in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia’s Ghada al-Musi is only 21 years old, according to Al Arabiya Net, but he has acquired such extraordinary skill in painting that his art has become the focus of everyone’s eyes.
These portraits of Ghadam El Mousi have also been exhibited in recent days, which have been greatly appreciated not only by locals but also by international art enthusiasts.

Ghadda El Moussiya said he is fond of drawing new faces and other fine details in his pictures. He has mastered the art of hard work. This is not an easy task.

It often takes up to 4 months for the facial expressions to be detailed. I start my portraits with a pencil and then use colors using 3D technology. I focus my eyes on my art. Because the eyes have their own language, which is understood by the perceiver. When I shared my artwork on social media, I was overwhelmed. I wish my creative work would be exhibited not only in different cities in Saudi Arabia, but also in other regions of the world. In addition, I set up a training center to highlight and enhance the art of face painting. Wish to do.

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