Saudi Arabia faces 4 years imprisonment for car scratching and 2 million rials

Saudi Traffic Police have warned Saudi people and immigrants on their official Twitter account that car scratching in the state is a serious crime that imposes Article 62 of the law on the perpetrators. Under this clause, there is a fine of 2 million riyals or up to 4 years imprisonment. Or in some cases, both sentences can be heard simultaneously.
However, if a driver is killed in an accident caused by a car scratching or careless driving, it is considered a serious offense. This is why people, especially young people, should avoid the risk of scratching the car because doing so does not have full control over the vehicle.

Which threatens not only the driver but also the lives of the passers-by and other passenger cars on the road.

Traffic police tweeted that if a person was injured in an accident due to car scratching or care and it took 15 days or more to recover, then the person who caused the accident The driver can be sentenced to two years imprisonment or one lakh reels, while in some cases both sentences can be given simultaneously.
The traffic department has also warned that if a driver gets into an accident, he should not escape the accident. Rather, inform the police and provide assistance to those injured in the accident. If a person does not abide by this law, he may face a fine of 10,000 riyals or 3 months imprisonment and in some cases both sentences.

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