Pakistani model killer arrested in Saudi Arabia

Pakistani model Qandil Baloch’s killer and main suspect has been arrested in Saudi Arabia. The accused Arif was convicted in the murder case of actress and model Kandel Baloch, killed in 2016. Qandeel Baloch, whose real name is Fauzia Amin, was assassinated on July 15, 2016 by his brother Waseem and his friend Arif. After the incident, the accused fled to Saudi Arabia for fear of being caught and was lying there for a long time.
Earlier, the court had sentenced Verdim to life imprisonment while verdict on the murder case of Model Kandil Baloch, while his fiancée Arif was also sentenced in his absence. After that the police started searching for Arif.

Interpol sought help in this matter. Who arrested Arif in Saudi Arabia and handed them over to Pakistani authorities.

After the arrest, the accused Arif was shifted to Multan and presented to a local court. Where the court judge handed the accused over to police on a three-day physical remand. It is pertinent to mention that in this famous case, the court acquitted Alam Shaheen, Haq Nawaz, Abdul Basit and Muhammad Zafar Hussain, brothers of the case, including the scholar Alam Mufti Abdul Qawi. Qandeel Baloch was very famous on social media for his stupid videos.
Which was very sad to his family. When Qandeel Baloch visited his family in July 2016, his brother Wasim, who was upset with his photos and videos, went viral with the help of his partner Arif, and Then the two were absconding.

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