Husband assaults driver of ambulance taking wife to hospital

A local court has sentenced a resident of a Gulf country to one year in prison for assaulting an on-duty ambulance driver. The prosecutor said that when the Arab suspect’s wife encountered a medical emergency, the accused called the ambulance service and called the ambulance so that his wife could be immediately transferred to the hospital.
An ambulance was immediately dispatched by the ambulance service to the address of the accused along with paramedical staff. Who transported the emergency victim to an ambulance and started departing. However, the woman’s husband arrived at the scene and insisted that he did not want to send his wife to the hospital.

When the driver questioned the reason for his strange behavior, the husband refused to say anything. The driver told the accused that due to the condition of the woman she could not be left here, so she is being taken to the hospital right now. At this point the accused got angry and beat the driver and then forced him into the ambulance and dragged his wife out of there and took her back to his house. The ambulance driver filed a complaint against the accused at the police station, after which the suspect’s husband was arrested. In response to the prosecution’s allegations, the defendant failed to justify his violent behavior, which the court sent him to prison for a year.

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