Dubai’s ruler buys the world’s most expensive horse.

Sheikh Mohammed Rashid bin Al Maktoum, a Dubai-based firm, is also known throughout the world for his unique passion, and he is fond of raising the best breed horses. 70-year-old Sheikh Mohammed has also established a world club for horse racing, training and raising of horses, where there are horses of the highest race.
The world-renowned club Horse Breeding Club has named them ‘Go Dolphin’, named after their superior breeder ‘Go Dolphin Arabian’. Now the latest news about them is that they have purchased the world’s most expensive horse at the World Horse Sales Fair in England.

Tatter Sales, the company holding the global horse sale fair, has reported that Dubai’s ruler has bought a horse named ‘Dabvi Half Brother’ at a record price, which is worth Rs 68 crore in Pakistani rupees. Is.

The horse, called ‘Dabavi Half Brother’, has been a winner during several horse racing events in the UK. His initial bid was higher than the other horses, which was 32 million Kenyans. On one occasion, it cost 34 million Kenny. But on this occasion, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Rashid al-Maktoum valued it at 36 million keni (US $ 435,000). When no other bidder was willing to pay such a price, this magnificent horse was sold by the company to Sheikh Mohammed. Keep in mind that Kinney is an online coin that is recognized by the horse-trading company.

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