Annoying news for foreign pregnant women based in Kuwait

A decision has been taken by the Kuwaiti government that has upset the pregnant women and their families living in the state. According to details, the Kuwaiti government has increased maternity fees by 100 percent for migrant women. Prior to this decision, normal delivery was charged by the hospital for 50 dinars which has now been doubled to 100 dinars.
The local newspaper said that the decision was approved by Health Minister Dr. Basil al-Sabah against the interests of the migrants. Implementation has also started since last day. According to the Ministry of Health, the fee charged on normal and cesarean includes ultrasound, laboratory tests and medicines, but for any other reason, if the woman is admitted to the hospital, it is calculated on a daily basis for a shared room. 10 dinars while 50 dinars were received for private rooms.

According to the new decision, the combined room fee for one day for foreign maternity will be 10 dinars as before, while the private room fee has been increased from 50 dinars to 100 dinars. The Ministry of Health says that the government has to reduce the funding for good in the health sector, which is why maternal fees for foreign women have been increased. Nevertheless, the fees charged for private rooms in public hospitals are much lower than those for private hospitals. This extra income will improve the quality of healthcare and services.

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